Friday, December 28, 2007

Ways of seeing

I didn’t realize it at first, and was very angry and agitated by the people in our colony who would constantly shout at us about our dogs. But now I’m seeing a little bit of where their problem comes from. Of course there’s the hating dogs and considering dog poo to be the most disgusting thing on earth…if they happen to see it their whole day will go wrong. Everyone is appalled by our household of five dogs… “Kaise insaan hain? Paanch che kutte??!! Raam raam!!” and ofcourse it doesn’t help much that there’s a significant absence of the all important man of the house, it’s just the two of us, mother and daughter. And to make matters worse “woh bhaasha bhi nahin samajh te” kahan se aaye hain yeh???”

Only when I began to cross over a park to our previous colony, to avoid these unpleasant encounters did I see things in a different light. Everyday as I walked through the park some construction workers would ask me questions and their inquiry always started with the self same question “Kitne mein liya is Kutte ko?” (How much did you buy this dog for) and then slowly a whole brigade of questions would be thrown at me… what do you feed them… why have you brought them out ( the fact that dogs are also taken out on outings was just not comprehensible), how old are they? (For my tiny stunted cockers could look like puppies) they sell them in the market? You’ve educated your dogs (I once said “come on lets go” to one of my dogs in English). I was at once amused and irritated. They asked too many questions, yet there was something endearing about the way they blatantly blurted out every thought that crossed their minds.

The one thing that runs common between the construction workers and our neighbours is that their perception of dogs is equal to money. Cocker spaniels: fancy looking dogs that come on TV. Not just one but four! And a retriever too… like the one that comes in the pedigree ad. They must sum up to a lakh at least!!! And if we can spend a lakh on dogs, then imagine how much money we must have….

So there you have it…two women, outsiders, five dogs and lots of money is the perception they have of us which creates an immediate sense of insecurity. With most of the houses around us having been built decades ago and crumbling from the lack of maintenance. It’s inevitable that sooner or later new people are going to come along and buy these houses. But the likes of us? Raam raam raam……

Parallel worlds

Its incredible, how we go through life with someone thinking that we're both living the same life, when in fact every one of us live in our very own, separate worlds.

So the thing about....

So the thing about messiness is that it all seems to crawl back the moment you clear it up!

Did I mention that through this blog, I want to tell some stories through drawing and learn to draw and grow in drawing....and twirl and dance and swim and draw........

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Here's a start

I've shied away from this whole blogging thing-a-ma-jig for the longest time...... now I've finally come out of my shell when most people I know have either forgotten about their blogs or given up blogging all together.
Well here I am, never too late to start I suppose.
So the question was what do I have in this blog of mine? I looked around my pitiably boring life. I seemed to be living the life of a lonely 60 year old homemaker who is always caught up in household chores and responsibility towards her many children who need constant attention. In actuality, just 24 years of age. I missed my youth, my carefree college life, I had just me to look after and no one expected much from me......sigh!
But then I looked a little closer, focusing my lens to see the little details that were previously blurred. There was a silver lining to my cloud after all... mundane doesn't necessarily mean void ! So....