Sunday, May 25, 2008

From long ago

Was going through some old stuff and found this. This is the drawing that got me into art school. Actually I think it was the big bum !

Benaras and a quick run on the sand.

Working on a group project- A book on Benaras. My initial work was based on other people's stories, anecdotes, pictures and hazy memories from a long time ago. For someone who needs to have something flow through every vein and pass through the entire digestive system, before I can produce some work on it that I can call my own - This path was not something I had treaded before and though it was interesting to work from a different perspective, It brought with it a feeling of guilt and flippancy.

The stairs were something that caught my eye and after looking at pictures, one after the other of the painted lines, this is what I did.

A frame from a comic strip about one night in Benaras, mosquitoes, a dream and of course a dog!

After this, two bags were packed and off we went to the city itself. Braving the soaring temperatures of 46 degrees, with no electricity for six hours a day and a lot of walking if we wanted to see anything, which was our main purpose.
I dilly dallied, looked at the weather forecast a million times and almost didn't go. Thinking back now, it was most idiotic behaviour.
It was completely worth it.

From a blurry vision of a skyline dotted with temple domes, I arrived. And walked through the intricate gullies to finally reach the brilliant mirror that was Ganga at noon. Leela was our home in Mansarovar. We smelt the river, jumped over dung, felt the stones, swayed on the boats, smeared the vermilion on our foreheads, sat in momentary patches of shadow to quickly capture a something.
The city breathed onto the back of our necks.

The intricate nuances were oh! so delicious.

The ghats, the names, the histories, the colours, the heat and the splendid retreat, the buffalo's and the boys the babies and their toys, the water and its depth, the dirt and the filth, the joy and the silt, the baba's and the priests, the burkha's and the wedding procession, the yoga, the bakery, the meditation and the con artist, the laughter and the frown and people from all over town, the house of Yum and the half cooked meat, the loss , the beauty, the apparition of something ancient, the business man, the tripper, giggles, insults, foreign languages and our own, tip of the trishul, kashi, god, hippy, life, love, ignorance, understanding, music, show, faith, intrigue..................

My final piece on Kashi. An imperial size poster, because there's just too much to say.

The Escape

I made my first animation film some time ago a one minute piece. But I bungled up somewhere and can't upload the video, so here are a few screen shots. Think I'll call it- The Escape.