Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Bogoli Phut Days - Pitki's adventures in Assam

The Bogoli Phut Days is a children's book created by me is now published by HarperCollins Publishers India and is out in stores. Here's a it about the book:

Bogoli (bow-go-lee): Egret

Phut (ph-oo-tt): Spot

‘There is a myth in Assam that the white spots one gets on one’s fingernails are actually a gift from the bogoli. As children, we recited a rhyme with our hands held before us each time we saw the bird, trying to coax it into giving us a few lucky spots.’

Seven-year-old Pitki is on her way to Sekoni Tea Estate in Assam to visit her grandparents for the winter holidays. She travels to wildlife sanctuaries in Assam, listens to ancient Assamese folk tales that her Aitama (grandma) tells her and catches fish with her brother, Dondi. Fun and effortlessly informative, The Bogoli Phut Days is a delightful introduction to Assam, its culture, geography and folklore.

Beautifully illustrated and including evocative retellings of Assamese folk tales, this is a book for children of all ages – to read alone or along with their parents and grandparents. Children from Assam will find a new way to connect to their cultural heritage, and the ones from other places will find themselves introduced to a compelling and rich world.




Neel said...

All the best for your new endeavour....Hope,both the children and the adults have a great time and reconnect with the past......

Sangeeta Goswami said...

Hi Tara,
You probably won't remember me - Rinku/Sangeeta Goswami (Priyam's daughter) - from further up the hill in Upper La-chaumiere! This is just to say how much my two boys (aged 7and 4) and I have enjoyed your book. The illustrations are stunning and the stories very accessible. A lot of it reminded me of my own childhood and trips out during the long winter holidays. Very well done, Tara, for putting it all so beautifully together.
I remember your mum fondly - do say hello to her when you speak to her next.
Much love,